Wear A Band. Take A Stand.

Looking for a way to show your support for the THP Project Purple Initiative? Wear A Band and Take A Stand with The Herren Project! Click on the link below to download your flyer and encourage your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to join you. Place your THP Project Purple Initiative band order today and join The Herren Project as we Wear A Band. Take A Stand. Wear Purple · Show Support · Stand Together.

Please Note: For best results, print your flyer on a heavy paper stock. Just click on the flyer to download the file for printing.

“It Only Takes One Person To Stand Up To Make A Difference.”  - Chris Herren


1 person dies every 19 minutes from drug overdose in the United States.
The Partnership at Drugfree.org

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There are many myths about addiction recovery. Get the facts. Educate yourself. buff.ly/1ezP8Ez

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