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Don’t forget to publicize The Herren Project’s Project Purple in your local media including newspaper and TV. Below you will find a pre-formatted press release to customize for your team. Fill in your team information including contact name, phone/e-mail, the date of the release and your team name in the title of the release and you are ready to e-mail or mail it out to your local media promoting your participation in the 2015 Project Purple initiative launch.

Together we can make a difference, celebrating life and supporting one another. Go Project Purple!

Press Release

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“The path you take is up to you. Make good choices, dream big, it is never too late.”

-       Chris Herren


1 person dies every 19 minutes from drug overdose in the United States.
The Partnership at Drugfree.org
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"I am BOLD" Christina Wood 2nites #thppurple winner! #beyou #goodenough @herrenproject

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We're all somebody to someone! How do you help & inspire others & make good choices? Comment below to enter... fb.me/3CrezTayH
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