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Wearing Purple is an important step in supporting the THP Project Purple Initiative! Prior to launching your local initiative, please be sure you have the permission of your school administration or the community group leadership. Thank  you for being part of the THP Project Purple Initiative…Be True to Yourself · Celebrate Life · Support One Another…Stand Together Against Substance Abuse!

The Herren Project: THP Project Purple Initiative Gear



Download the THP Project Purple Initiative Flyers and Posters

Publicize your THP Project Purple Initiative event in the community by printing and distributing Go Purple flyers and posters. Click on the icons below to download and print the THP Project Purple Initiative materials, inviting your school or community group to stand up against Substance Abuse. Use cover or card stock for best results.

THP Project Purple Initiative Idea: Mount the THP Project Purple Initiative pledge on a large piece of poster board and encourage your peers to sign their names – together we can make a difference!

All files are designed to be printed on a color printer. You will need Adobe Acrobat to download the printed materials.

The THP Project Purple Initiative Flyers & Posters!






Project Purple Flyers (8 1/2 x 11)



THP Project Purple Initiative Poster (11 x 17)


THP Project Purple Initiative Pledge (8 1/2 x 11)


Testimonial Based & Stat Campaign




Tool Kit

Register as a Herren Project: THP Project Purple Initiative Site and you will receive the code to access the Took Kit. The Tool Kit was designed as a comprehensive guide on how to bring the THP Project Purple Initiative to your community and includes information on how to prepare, the launch and suggestions as to activities and events. Go Purple!


Local THP Project Purple Initiative PR

Don’t forget to publicize the THP Project Purple Initiative in your local media including newspaper and TV. Below you will find a pre-formatted press release to customize for your team. Fill in your team information including contact name and phone/e-mail and you are ready to e-mail or mail it out to your local media promoting your participation in the THP Project Purple Initiative.

Together we can make a difference, celebrating life and supporting one another. Go Purple!

Press Release

 THP PP Fillable Press Releasejpg_Page1

“The path you take is up to you. Make good choices, dream big, it is never too late.”

-       Chris Herren


1 person dies every 19 minutes from drug overdose in the United States.
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