From schools and universities to the workplace, we can all join together and Go Project Purple! Organize a dress down day or a Purple Day to show your support for the 20 million Americans touched by addiction. To get started choose a date and plan an event. Invite your co-workers to participate utilizing the flyers and paycheck inserts which can be customized with your event date, location and your contact information. All donations generated from your event can be made on-line or via check made payable to The Herren Project, PO Box 131, Portsmouth, RI 02871. Be sure to include your team name with your donation so we can share your results! Wear Purple · Show Support · Stand Together.

Join the Herren Project as we stand up to substance abuse and Go Project Purple! Standing together we can make a difference. To download the flyers below, just click on the image. Heavy paper stock is recommended for best printing results.


1 person dies every 19 minutes from drug overdose in the United States.
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When my son was young, we spent a lot of time with family & friends. We knew the dangers of drugs & alcohol...

"@HerrenProject: 2moro @c_herren 9/29 8pm UMASS Dartmouth "@UMDPHE: Rebound: The Chris Herren Story""

NJ Teen who overdosed in class makes plea to other teens.

About that mom not bragging about her kids....