Need Purple Inspiration?

Invite Notable Alumni to Make a Project Purple PSA: From athletes to business owners – every school has an alumni looking to give back.

Make Your Own PSA: Grab your classmates or teammates and create your own PSA or music video encouraging your peers to stand up to substance abuse!

Make Purple Shirts & Ribbons: Collect a purple shirt from your closet or purchase some purple ribbon and create awareness ribbons for your school!


Create Signs, Poster and Displays Advertising Your Project Purple Activities! Use your imagination and accesorize – if you can dream it, you can do it!

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Make Go Project Purple Head Bands: Use purple sports wrap to make headbands or purple bandanas to keep your hair under cover.

Donate Your Time Volunteering…Purple Style! The OBX Project donates their time at the local ASPCA – making videos to help animals down the road to adoption.

TeenwdogDog PuppyandGirlPurple

Go Project Purple Shoelaces: Encourage your sports teams to support Project Purple and lace up your cleats or sneakers with purple shoe laces.

Mentor Younger Students & Athletes…Purple Style!
Encourage the younger students in your town to make good choices. Lead by example and show them positive ways to have fun.

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Go Project Purple Headbands and Armbands: Don’t be left behind – Stand up against substance abuse and Go Project Purple!


1 person dies every 19 minutes from drug overdose in the United States.
The Partnership at Drugfree.org

The new street drug to watch: Acetyl fentanyl fb.me/3thV1BeXL

21 Lessons I Learned After One Year As a Sober 21-Year-Old fb.me/1jsdn9oBq

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Only 12 LIKES away from 5000! Please share with all your friends & help us reach this amazing milestone! The more... fb.me/2fvszZ5df

Only 12 LIKES away from 5000! Please share with all your friends & help us reach this amazing milestone! The more... fb.me/6Z1wnGU45

Never forget who you are & what you stand for. #BeYou fb.me/1g5z3FA04

It's back to school for many families this week, so sharpen your pencils and nominate your teen athlete and youth... fb.me/1mOBosfZd

You hold the power to be whoever and whatever you want! #beYou fb.me/34KQtRJLV

Believe in yourself & all you have the potential to be. #BEYou fb.me/3hAM5TsEY

Plant seeds of happiness wherever you go. fb.me/479JTk6x8

FAMILY DAY 8/22 530-9pm Camp Welch Free Friday night fun 4 family & friends. @c_herren @Mike_Herren @eags77 pic.twitter.com/OgfWp48Ijt

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Today Is International Youth Day! Let's increase awareness about the lives of youth with mental health conditions... fb.me/3tsIX9tNv

Truer words have never been spoken. #beyou substance free fb.me/3H044XQkz