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Swampscott MiddleSchool


You don’t need Drugs or Alcohol to change who you are, You are perfect the way you are.”

- Chris Herren


1 person dies every 19 minutes from drug overdose in the United States.
The Partnership at

What kills more than cars, guns, & accidental falls? DRUG OVERDOSES! Educate yourself. Know the facts.

Family Day at Camp Welch Assonet MA 8/24 11 -5pm. Event is free & fun 4 whole family! @c_herren @Mike_Herren

SAMHSA is launching a new mobile app that features a simulated new video game-like tool to help parents practice...

Teens are drawn to the thrills of drugs and alcohol but unfortunately, with still-developing brains, early-use...

A SAMHSA report reveals that substance abuse during early adolescence or adolescence is linked to long-term...

The info not shared at college orientation! 80% of college students admit to using alcohol, and of those, around...

You have the power to make a difference. Change the world!

Read about marijuana's negative health effects and why risks are greater for teen users

Did you know that both heroin and Vicodin are opioids? Educate yourself. Educate your teen. #goprojectpurple

Discovering that a teen has started experimenting with drugs or alcohol is troubling to any parent. Worry can...

The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids offers a variety of tools and a tremendous amount of information on their...

Looking for a way to volunteer & help The Herren Project & you love to run! We have 3 great opportunities for...